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Matica MC110 - one of the best ID Card Printers for low volume users

Matica MC110 - one of the best ID Card Printers for low volume users

There are a number of ID printers on the market that are termed as ‘entry-level’ or ‘low volume’, which generally speaking means they're suitable for printing between 500-1000 cards a year.

Models can vary considerably in their price point and running costs, and the print quality you can expect too.

We look at why we think the Matica MC110 is one of the best in this category.

The MC110 is a relatively new addition to the entry-level market, with Matica being typically known for their high quality retransfer printers, but their new direct-to-card ID printers are beginning to stand out from their counterparts.

The MC110 has now been on the market for around 18 months as Matica's entry-level "plug in and print" offering, and we've been using one in-house for a number of months.

Given our experiences of the MC110, we're now confident to make it our recommended choice for low volume users, especially those looking to print on both sides of the card.

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Here are some of the key reasons we recommend the Matica MC110:

The Features
The MC110 offers an excellent range of features for an entry-level printer that you’re usually forced to sacrifice for the price point. The key one being the auto card feed that saves having to hand feed each card into the printer individually, which is a tiresome manual task if you’re printing any kind of quantities.

The MC110 also comes with an extended warranty of three-years, whilst other entry-level printers are usually two.

Running Costs
The MC110 ID Card Printer boasts a significant saving on your printing costs, at just £0.29 per-card*, compared to other entry-level printers such as the Magicard Pronto100 (£0.42) and the IDP Smart 21s (£0.41). 

Typically entry-level printers have a low cost for the hardware, but the manufacturers recoup their investment with higher priced  printer ribbons. This means a higher printing cost per-card for the lifetime of the printer.

We advise checking the per-card print cost on every printer before you purchase so you weigh up the investment you'll be making in the longer term.

Double-sided Upgrade
The MC110 offers an upgrade to double-sided printing, making it by far the cheapest double-sided printer available on the market. Entry-level printers don’t offer double-sided printing; to get this functionality usually means jumping up to the mid volume category at a much higher price point.

Print Quality
Featuring a TruEdge 300 dpi print resolution, the MC110 is capable of printing up to 150 high quality full colour cards per hour, achieving the simplified card issuance that Matica set out for. All of the Matica DTC range features one of the best print quality we’ve seen, and this is no different with the MC110.

Want to see a printed sample from the MC110? Let us know!

Made in Britain
The MC110 may have a robust Italian design, but it's manufactured just down the road from us in North Wales - meaning it has the lowest carbon footprint of any ID printer we sell. 

Given where its manufactured, the MC110 is a welcome addition to our more sustainable range which already includes Recycled and Biodegradable PVC, Wood and Paperboard.

With its low per-card print cost and low mileage, the potential upgrade to a double-sided version and free card software, the MC110 is a no-brainer for those looking for an entry-level printer.

Interested in the Matica MC110 for your business? Get in touch with a member of our team by email or on 01244 526009.

* Running costs are calculated by taking the cost of the ribbon and blank cards and dividing by the number of prints.
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