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Introducing our Wood RFID Keyfobs

Introducing our Wood RFID Keyfobs

Introducing our biggest, yet smallest addition to the eco range: our brand new wooden key fobs.

Weighing in at just 39mm x 29mm, our wood key fobs are making a big impression.

Since the introduction of our wood cards, we’ve been looking for ways to expand our eco range into a complete sustainable offering and next stop was access control fobs.

But sourcing a wooden key fob wasn't easy. We’ve been trying to source a fob that we feel is durable enough at a price that’s competitive, so that everyone can afford to move over to a more eco-friendly option.

We had to kiss a few frogs before we found our prince, but we've now found a fob that we're happy with. 

We're the first to say that our wood fobs aren't as hard wearing as plastic fobs by their nature, but that’s the point, they’re by nature.

What are wooden fobs best suited to?
They're ideal for venues, events and meeting spaces where their use is managed rather than heavy-duty use where they’re constantly in and out of the pocket. 

They also make an immediate visual statement about your commitment to sustainability to your delegates or attendees, so if you market yourself as a sustainable event space, this is an easy swap to make.

At £24 for 25 for our off-the-shelf design, they're a no-brainer.

We've been able to price the fobs similarly to regular plastic 1K fobs to make it easy for everyone to shift over to an eco-friendly alternative. The fobs contain a 1K chip that's sandwiched between layers of wood.

If you're not sure whether the technology will work with your existing system, please contact us at

Custom wood fobs are also available 
If you’ve got the budget and the time, our custom wooden keyfobs can be engraved or printed in colour to your design. 

They're the ultimate way of showing off your commitment to sustainability and the gold standard within access control.

Get in touch for a sample fob
We always recommend seeing a sample before you place an order so you can check the technology works with your system and so you can test the durability for yourself.

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