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Comparing the Evolis Primacy2 to the Primacy1

Comparing the Evolis Primacy2 to the Primacy1

The Evolis Primacy 2 has launched this year bringing with it a whole host of features designed to provide the ideal solution for medium and large volume printing.

The Primacy 2 is developed based on the original Primacy and improved on those features to deliver a high-performance, quick printing ID card printer.

Featuring a rewrite technology, single or dual-sided printing and digital erasing capacity, the Evolis Primacy 2 ensures both the ID card printer and data are protected to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

Advanced Security Features
The Primacy 2 steps up security and protection compared to the Primacy – with a new digital erasing feature that deletes data following use, ensuring workplaces are safe from any potential security breaches.

✅ Digital Erasing
✅ Kineclipse® Option
✅ Mechanical Key Lock Option

The optional Kineclipse® feature ensures data is instantly erased from printer ribbons to provide users with the ultimate security, with no traces of data leftover following use.

Sectors that find themselves printing ID cards, membership cards and any cards that feature personal detail in busy reception areas will experience the full security benefits of the Primacy 2 ID card printer.

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Printing Ability
Another upgrade from the original Primacy – the Primacy 2 comes with rewrite printing technology as standard which gives the Primacy 2 a huge advantage over not only the original Primacy, but many printers within its category.

✅ Rewriting Technology
✅ Rapid Print Speed
✅ 600 dpi Advanced Printing

Printing Speed
The printing speed of the Primacy 2 is hugely improved from the original Primacy, going from 225 cards per hour to 280 cards, making it perfect for large businesses who have large volumes of cards to print.

High Print Quality
Whilst the 300 dpi Primacy print quality was faultless, the Primacy 2 features a new high-resolution mode that prints blank plastic cards at an enhanced 600 dpi resolution – producing high quality plastic card prints.

The Primacy 2 builds on and greatly advances what the Primacy brought to the table, ensuring that the ID card printer is built to thrive in workplaces producing large volumes of printed plastic cards.

The highly desired rewriting technology coming as standard brings the Evolis Primacy 2 to the forefront of the medium to large volume card printers, with an optional enhanced card feeder, new ribbon range and enhanced security options – the Primacy 2 is a high-quality, versatile ID card printer.

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