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Gentech Compatible Offer

Gentech Compatible Offer

Our newly launched range of Gentech Proximity Cards and Keyfobs are a cost effective compatible – designed to work with the biggest brands to offer a high-quality RFID alternative.

The Gentech range of RFID compatibles gives consumers a cost sensitive alternative to the bigger brands of access control including the likes of PAC, HID, Kantech and more.

Using third-party access control and door entry systems, the Gentech range features durable proximity cards and fobs suitable for use with specified access control systems and readers.

Gentech RFID compatibles feature a full money back guarantee if you encounter any technical issues - the Gentech range is perfect for all types of industries with access control systems.

A UK based brand, the Gentech product range helps consumers make bulk savings on access control with products guaranteed in stock for immediate dispatch.

Gentech features proximity cards and keyfob compatibles for big name RFID brands including:

With current supply chain and stock issues still hampering access control brands, the Gentech range offers an excellent option for customers access control systems.

Interested in huge cost savings for your access control system? Get in touch with our helpful RFID experts by email at or by phone on 01244 52609.

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