Paxton 660-100 Net2 Proximity Discs, 10 Pack

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Paxton Net2 Proximity Self Adhesive Discs are an easy-to-use access control token, designed to turn any card or item into a proximity token. Coming in a pack of ten, the Paxton Net2 Tokens are perfect for pairing with an ID card, wallet, keyring or anything regularly carried by the user for secure access control.
  • Paxton Net2 Access Control Systems

Paxton 660-100 Net2 Proximity Discs.

Paxton Net2 Self Adhesive Proximity Discs are the ultimate product to turn an item into a smart device.

Designed for use with the Paxton Net2 system, the Proximity Discs can be attached to ID cards, wallets, keyrings and more to create a suitable access control token.

Available as a pack of 10, the Paxton Net2 Self Adhesive Discs are each programmed with a unique eight digit number for secure access control.

Paxton 660-100 Net2 Proximity Discs are compatible with:

  • Paxton Net2 Access Control System
  • 10 pack of Paxton 660-100 Net2 Self Adhesive Proximity Discs

Paxton Common FAQs

Get answers to common questions about the Paxton range.

Will Net2 fobs work on my Switch2 system?

No. If you have a Switch2 system, you will need the fobs with the product code 820-.

I have a Net2 System, do I need the blue banded fobs or the green banded fobs?

You need the blue banded fobs - product code 695-644 for the Net2 system.

I need the fobs that come with an associated card - what should I buy?

You need the Switch2 820-xxx range. These packs have keyfobs in a choice of green, red or amber - and are paired with the associated shadow card. The exact product code depends on the size of pack you colour you need (10 or 50), so a 10-pack of green fobs would be 820-010G.

I currently use fobs with a green band, which products do I need?

You need Switch2 fobs that begin with the code 820. The exact product code depends on the quantity you require. You can buy packs of 10 and 50 - so if you need 20 fobs, you’ll need to buy two packs of the 820-010G.

I have a Paxton10 system, which fobs or cards do I need?

You need the entry cards with the product code 010-427, or the fobs with code 010-170.

What’s the difference between the green, red and amber Switch2 fobs?

In terms of technology, there is no difference at all between the green, red and amber fobs.

Companies use the different colours to provide a visual means of demarcating access to different areas of the building.

For example, green fobs may be given to users who only have access to Area A, whereas amber fobs could be given to users who have access to Areas A & B. Red fobs could be given to users who have access to Areas A and C, and so on.

In other words, you can use the colour coded fob system to control different user rights.

If we currently use the green banded fobs, can we use the amber and red as well?

Yes. There is no difference in terms of the technology between the fobs - they are usually used as a means of managing different user access rights through a colour-coded system.