EM4200 Proximity Smart Cards, 100 Pack

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Blank EM4200 Proximity RFID Cards designed for use with access control systems. A CR80 credit card sized proximity card, the blank EM4200 cards are equipped with a CMOS integrated circuit, suitable to work with electronic read-only RF transponders. 125 KHz frequency, the EM4200 cards are supplied in a pack of 100.
  • EM4102 Access Control Systems

Blank EM4200 Proximity Cards.

Blank EM4200 RFID Cards are a high quality, credit card sized access control solution, operating at 125 kHz frequency.

Featuring a CMOS integrated circuit that is suitable to work with electronic read-only RF transponders, the EM4200 Prox Cards are perfect for customising with an ID card printer.

Available in a pack of 100, the EM4200 RFID Cards can be branded to produce secure photo identification cards, membership cards, visitor passes and more.

Blank EM4200 RFID Cards are compatible with:

  • EM4102 Access Control Systems
  • 100 pack of Blank EM4200 Proximity Cards