Vanderbilt/Bewator IB928 Active Encoded Clamshell Cards, 10 Pack

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Vanderbilt IB928 Active Encoded CS Cards designed for use with Bewator, Cotag and Granta access control systems. With a read range of approximately 12-32cm, the Clamshell Cards include a lithium battery for hands-free usage, making the cards ideal for hospitals and warehouses.
  • Vanderbilt Bewator Access Control Systems
  • Granta Access Control Systems

Vanderbilt Bewator IB928 Active Clamshell Cards.

Vanderbilt Bewator IB928 Active Cotag Clamshell Cards are a factory-encoded card designed for use with Cotag readers.

Featuring a read range between 12 to 32cm with standard Cotag proximity readers, the Bewator Clamshell Cards are perfect for environments where cardholders are on the move or have their hands full, such as hospitals or warehouses.

Cotag IB928 Active Clamshell Cards come in a pack of ten, and feature a printed number on the rear for easy identification.

Vanderbilt Bewator IB928 Clamshell Cards are compatible with:

  • Vanderbilt Access Control Systems
  • Granta Access Control Systems
  • 10 pack of Vanderbilt Bewator IB928 Active Encoded Clamshell Cards