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Bamboo Lanyards, 50 Pack

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Width: 16mm
Color: Green
ECO-Friendly Bamboo Lanyards, manufactured from undyed bamboo fibre to display your printed cards in the most sustainable fashion. Featuring a wide plastic clip and safety breakaway, the Bamboo Lanyards are available in 10mm or 16mm width, with a twist-free fitting to ensure your card is on display at all times.
Width: 16mm
Color: Green

Plain Bamboo Lanyards.

ECO-Friendly Bamboo Lanyards in a range of colourways and widths, designed to provide a sustainable solution to display printed cards.

Manufactured from an undyed bamboo fibre, the Bamboo Lanyards feature a wide plastic hook that gives a twist-free fitting, a safety breakaway and a strong clip.

Available as a pack of 50, the Bamboo Lanyards are perfect for organisations looking to make an easy swap to a more sustainable option.

  • 50 pack of Bamboo Lanyards