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Antimicrobial Products

Workplace Protect Bundle

Workplace Protect Bundle
Workplace Protect Bundle
Workplace Protect Bundle
Workplace Protect Bundle
Workplace Protect Bundle

Workplace Protect Bundle

£72.95 £87.54 (inc. VAT)
Protect your Workplace Bundle includes Nanoseptic Door Handle Wraps & Push Pads, Lanyards to hold Hand Sanitiser, Antibacterial Wipes & Workplace Safety Poster.

This Protect your Workplace Bundle contains self-cleaning products to help keep your people safe at work. Save compared to buying the products separately.

These products have been designed for high traffic areas and busy environments, to bring an added layer of protection to staff and visitors.

The Bundle contains:

Nanoseptic antimicrobial products prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. These self cleaning products give antimicrobial protection to the likes of doors, reception areas and anywhere that have multiple touch points in the day.

How often do you pull open a door in your workplace every day? Applying a nanoseptic door handle wrap turns a constant touch point into a continuously self-cleaning surface, giving your staff and customers greater confidence when in your premises.

How does the antimicrobial protection work?

The Nanoseptic surface is powered by light. Their mineral nano-crystals create an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach and work 24/7. Unlike bleach and other disinfectants, the nanoseptic surface uses no chemicals or harsh substances. When you touch the surface, nothing is released as the nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the material. Watch the Nanoseptic Video.

The Hand Sanitiser Lanyards ensure that your hand sanitiser is always to hand. These lanyards come with a strong drawstring attachment - closing the string around the sanitiser bottle holds it securely in place. Holds small to medium size bottles of all shapes.

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