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Hand Sanitiser Lanyards, pack of 25

Hand Sanitiser Lanyards, pack of 25. Quality Black Safety Breakaway Lanyards with a drawstring to hold Hand Sanitiser bottles of all sizes.

£22.79 (inc. VAT)
Anti-Bac & Anti-Viral wipes (40 pack) - for powerful disinfection

Anti-Bac and Anti-Viral wipes (40 pack) - for powerful disinfection, 70% IPA Cleanroom.

£28.48 (inc. VAT)
Antibacterial wipes (90 pack) - for sanitising plastic cards

V-TUF Antibacterial wipes (90 pack) - ideal for cleaning & sanitising plastic cards such as hotel key cards, visitor ID cards, access cards and more.

£9.16 (inc. VAT)
Hands-Free Sanitiser Station (Foot Operated) with Sanitiser

Foot operated Sanitiser Station for hands-free sanitisation, reducing the risk of cross contamination. Ideal for heavy traffic areas including receptions, gyms and hotel lobbies. Includes a 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser.

£268.80 (inc. VAT)
Sanitiser Station with Stand, Dispenser & Sanitiser

Sanitiser Station for reception and entrance areas with stand, sanitiser dispenser and 5 litre bottle of alcohol hand sanitiser (provides approx 1000 shots). Place in a prominent place in your reception area to encourage visitors and staff to sanitise hands as they enter the building.

£234.00 (inc. VAT)

Sanitisation products for the workplace

Hand sanitiser stations for high traffic areas including receptions to help prevent cross contamination and powerful, clean room standard cleaning wipes.