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Plastic Cloakroom Tags, Pack of 100 pairs, Numbered 101-200

Cloakroom Tag Numbered 101-200

  • Cloakroom Tag Numbered 101-200


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Pack of 100 matched, pairs of Cloakroom Tags, numbered 101-200. 

One tag slips over the coat hanger in the cloakroom, the other matching tag is retained by the customer.

A quality plastic cloakroom card is always going to look more professional than a paper cloak room ticket or raffle ticket.

Our pre-printed Cloakroom tags are matched into numbered pairs. We also sell flexible loop straps to attach the tag to luggage or bags.

Just like a credit-card, pre-punched with an 8mm hole. Available in a choice of number ranges.

Made from wipeable and durable PVC, they can be reused many times, unlike disposable raffle tickets.

Not customisable.


Cloakroom Tag Features

Two-part cards in matched, numbered pairs

Numbered 101-200

Credit-card size

Single sided print in black

8mm hole

Not customisable