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Paxton 692 500 Net2 Prox Cards - No Mag Stripe, 10 Pack

Paxton 692 500 Net2 Prox Cards - No Mag Stripe, 10 Pack

£24.70 £29.64 (inc. VAT)
Paxton Net2 Proximity Cards, 692-500. Genuine Paxton products. Use as ID Cards, Access cards & More.

Paxton Net2 Proximity Cards for use with the Paxton Net2 system. No Magnetic Stripe. 692-500

Access control cards for the Net2 door entry system. These cards can be printed on using your own ID card printer if required, and are ideal for staff ID cards, visitor badges, access control cards and more.

Part No. 692-500. Each token is programmed with an 8 digit unique number.

Pack of 10.

Genuine Paxton products. In stock for next day delivery.

Need a large number of cards? These prox cards are also available as a pack of 500, for larger cost savings.

We also offer Custom Printed Net2 Cards.

Unsure if these access cards are right for your system? Contact us, we'll be happy to advise.

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Help with enrolling your Net2 cards onto your access system

How do I add a new user?

Enter the user’s details using the Net2 software on your PC. Then present your card to your desktop reader and the card number will be entered.

How do I block a user from my system?

If a user has left the company, you’ll want to delete their access card completely from the system.

Within the Net2 Software, click on the ‘Tokens’ tab. Find the user’s record and select the token, then click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Once the card has been deleted from the database it can be reissued to another user.

What do I do if a user has lost their fob or card?

You can mark a keyfob or card as lost by going into the users record on the Net2 software. Click on the Tokens tab, highlight the token that has been lost and click ‘Lost Token’. You can then issue a new token to the user.

The lost token will be immediately barred from entry on all doors.

If the list token is then found, you can click on the ‘Found Token’ button to reactivate it.

I can’t add new cards onto my Net2 software

First check the desktop reader. If there is a green flashing LED, this shows that the reader is working and is ready to accept a new token.

If you’re having trouble adding a new card to a working reader, follow these steps:

  1. Restart the PC and software
  2. Check the client service is running by searching for services from the PC start menu
  3. Right click on Net2 client service and either start or restart it
  4. If this doesn’t work, check that the USB Desktop reader hasn’t lost power – you can find this under the USB option in Device manager.

Need more help? Paxton have a range of helpful videos online.