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Paperboard Cards

Paperboard Cards

Paperboard Cards

Paperboard cards, the truly green alternative to plastic cards. Ideal for large runs of single or limited use cards like gift cards. Compostable and recyclable. RFID smart card options available.
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Custom Printed Paperboard Cards - ideal for Gift Cards, Event Tickets and Limited Use Applications. RFID technology available.

These thick paperboard cards are entirely plastic free, recyclable and compostable. Branded to your design, front and back.

Made from paperboard from sustainable and renewable sources, and manufactured in an environmentally friendly paper mill powered by bio energy. Printed to your own design on both sides.

What are paperboard cards ideal for?

Best suited for large runs (5,000+) of single use or limited use cards such as gift cards or event tickets. 

The cards are thicker than regular plastic cards and can be laminated with cellulose, compostable matt and gloss films to add robustness and water resistance. 

What are the benefits of paperboard cards?

Paperboard is an entirely plastic-free option and comes with exceptional green credentials. It is compostable and recyclable with normal household waste.

What are the downsides to paperboard cards?

Paperboard cards are best suited to limited use applications as they are less durable than regular plastic cards. After repeated handling these cards will show signs of wear and tear.

For these reasons, paperboard cards are usually used as Gift Cards or Event Tickets, or in any circumstances where there is a limited lifespan needed for the card.

Compostable and recyclable.

Various features are available

Paperboard cards can be printed with various features such as magnetic stripes, barcodes, QR codes and can be personalised.

We can also turn your Paperboard Card into a smart card or RFID card for use in transport, cashless vending or as access for events/conferences.

Turnaround times

Our standard turnaround times are approximately 4 weeks from artwork sign off.

Talk to us about your project

Our friendly experts are here to answer any questions you might have. We can also design your artwork for a small additional cost.

For a quote or more information start a chat with us, email us or call 01244 526009.

Please note that by their nature, paperboard cards are not as durable or as long lasting as traditional plastic cards. Please ask us for a sample for testing.

  • Material:
    Iggesund Paperboard
  • Standard Turnaround:
    4 weeks
  • Stock Availability:
    Custom Printed
  • Features Available:
    Barcodes, QR Codes, Personalisation
  • RFID Available:
  • Brand:
    The Card Network
  • Product Code:
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