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Nanoseptic Push Bars/Handle Wraps (Medium), 25 Pack

Nanoseptic Push Bars/Handle Wraps (Medium), 25 Pack

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Nanoseptic Push Bar Pads / Wide Handle Wraps, measuring 10x23cm. Antimicrobial self-cleaning wraps provide a clean surface for opening doors. Pack of 25.

Nanoseptic Push Bar Pads / Wide Handle Wraps. Provides antimicrobial protection and a clean surface to touch when opening doors.

These medium sized door surface wraps measure 10x23cm and are ideal for doors with pull handles on one side and push handles on the other.

Bigger than our Door Handle Wraps to cover a greater surface area. Pack of 25.

Nanoseptic antimicrobial products have been created for high traffic areas to help prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. These self cleaning products give antimicrobial protection to the likes of doors, reception areas and anywhere that have multiple touch points in the day.

Aware of how many times you're touching a door handle every day? Applying a nanoseptic door hand wrap turns a constant touch point into a continuously self-cleaning surface, giving everyone more confidence when opening doors.

Each wrap measures 10x23 cm (4" x 9)". 

How does the antimicrobial protection work?

The Nanoseptic surface is powered by light. Their mineral nano-crystals create an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach and work 24/7. Unlike bleach and other disinfectants, the nanoseptic surface uses no chemicals or harsh substances. When you touch the surface, nothing is released as the nano crystals are molecularly bonded to the material.

Simply peel and stick. Gives approximately 90 days of protection. Then simply peel off, clean any adhesive residue left behind and apply a new one.

Can be wiped or washed down without removing the germ killing effects if required.

Watch the Nanoseptic Video.

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