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Custom Printed Key Tags - Double Sided, Full Colour

Printed Key Tags, fully branded on both sides in full colour. Perfect for use as mini loyalty cards/membership cards/ promo cards. Prices from 100 Tags.

From: £95.00
£114.00 (inc. VAT)
Fotodek Premium White 3 Up Blank Key Tags - 100 Pack

Fotodek Premium Plastic 3UP Cards for printing your own key fobs with a card printer. 760 Microns, same thickness as a standard credit card.

£22.80 (inc. VAT)
Mifare Classic® 1K EV1 3-Up Key Tags - 100 Pack

Blank Mifare Classic ® 1K EV1 3-Up Key Tags. For overprinting and encoding using your own card printer if required.

£152.40 (inc. VAT)

Custom Printed Key Tags / Key Fobs and Blank Key Tags for your own Printing

Available branded and off-the-shelf as numbered Key Tag packs or blank tags.

Small and handy, people love the convenience of our plastic key ring tags. They're flexible little things too - use them as mini membership cards, loyalty cards, for sets of keys, or to advertise your latest promotional message. They're also ideal as handy reference cards for employees.

Made from high quality, durable plastic slightly thinner than a standard credit card. 

Choose from extra features such as barcodes, QR codes or personalise them with unique numbers.