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HID Fargo Dtc4500e Dual Sided ID Card Printer, Usb & Ethernet

HID Fargo Dtc4500e Dual Sided Plastic Card Printer With Usb And Ethernet Connectivity - 55100

£2,229.23 (inc. VAT)
Magicard 600 Duo ID Card Printer Bundle

Magicard 600 ID Card Printer Bundle, for Double Sided Printing. Includes Colour Ribbon, Cards, Software & Custom Holokote for your own branded watermark. For hi-res and secure ID cards.

£1,290.00 (inc. VAT)
Zebra ZC350 Plastic Card Printer - Single Sided

Zebra ZC350 Plastic ID Card Printer - Single Sided ZC35-000C000EM00

£1,147.20 (inc. VAT)

Professional ID Card Printers for high volume users. Powerful, efficient card printers for printing large batches of quality plastic cards at speed.

Magstripe or Smart Card Mifare Encoding options available.

Commonly used by universities and government bodies for their print quality, speed of issuance and security, these printers are work horses when it comes to printing ID cards, travel cards and membership cards. Card samples are available for most models so you can see the quality of print before you buy.

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