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Entrust Sigma DS2 Card Printer, Double Sided
Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer /For Double-Sided Printing
Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer /For Double-Sided Printing
Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer /For Double-Sided Printing
Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer /For Double-Sided Printing
Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer /For Double-Sided Printing

Entrust Sigma DS2 Card Printer, Double Sided

£1,527.50 £1,833.00 (inc. VAT)
Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer, Double Sided. The next generation of ID card printing. Prints medium-high volumes of double sided plastic cards quickly and effortlessly. Future ready. Replaces the Datacard SD260.
Entrust Sigma DS Double Sided Printer Features

Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer, Double-Sided. Mobile Pass Ready.

The Sigma range is Entrust's next generation of ID card printers, built to adapt to future needs, including the ability to issue mobile passes. For when you need fast, reliable and secure double-sided card printing, this DS2 model has got what it takes.

Replaces the Datacard SD260 model.

This Sigma DS2 card printer is ideal if you're printing medium-high volumes of colour plastic cards. If security is high up on your agenda, these printers are built to protect your cards and your data at every step of the process.  

This latest range of printers builds on years of printing experience and utilises the latest printing and security technology to produce an ID card printer that's ready for the future.

  • Ideal if you're printing 3,000+ cards per year
  • Double sided print
  • Integrates with Entrust's cloud-based ID as a Service software that allows you to print either physical cards via the printer, or issue mobile passes (available at an extra cost).
  • High security - secure boot-up, data encryption and a watermark security feature can be added to your cards

Entrust describe the Sigma range as the 'most user-friendly ID card issuance solution in the world'.  Get started with your mobile device and the printer dashboard will tell you everything you need to know: printer status, how many prints are left on the ribbon, cleaning requirements, and more.

The Secure Boot-up system prevents the system from malware or viruses. All data sent between software the the printer is encrypted during transfer and isn't stored, so you'll be meeting your data protection requirements. You'll still need to securely shred the ribbon when you replace it though, to ensure any imprinted data is deleted.

You also have options when it comes to the security features printed on your cards. Entrust offer a 'Luster Ribbon' which allows you to print a translucent watermark feature on your cards as text or logo, making cards almost impossible to copy. Or you can buy Holoimage cards.

Smart & Future Ready
The Sigma DS2 Plastic Card Printer is scalable - meaning it can adapt as your card issuance needs grow. You can choose to add on Magstripe or Smart Encoding capabilities later.

The Sigma range has also been created to be cloud-ready - the ability to offer digital ID cards and print from any device is built-in. 

The Sigma DS2 Double-Sided Features:

- Double-Sided ID Card Printer, ideal for printing 3,000+ cards a year
- 300 dpi print resolution - giving rich colour and sharp print quality
- Upgrade to offer Mobile Passes and/or produce physical cards
- Capable of printing up to 225 single-sided colour cards per hour and up to 140 double-sided colour cards per hour
- Input and Output hopper
- USB & Ethernet Connectivity  
- Magstripe & Smart Encoding options available
- The ambient variable LED light ring can be changed to your corporate colour
- Starter card design software included
- 3 Year Warranty.

Learn more: Sigma DS2 Product Datasheet

  • Model:
  • Cards Per Year:
    Up to 10,000
  • Best Suited To:
    Medium Volume User
  • Warranty:
    3 Years
  • Type:
    Double Sided
  • Stock Availability:
    Short Lead Time
  • Technology:
    Direct to card
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:

Entrust Sigma DS2 Datasheet

Compatible Ribbons for the Entrust Sigma DS2

Entrust Sigma DS YMCKT Full Colour Ribbon, 250 Prints
Entrust Sigma DS YMCKT Full Colour Ribbon, 500 Prints
Entrust YMCKF-KT Full Colour Fluorescent Ribbon, 300 Prints
Entrust YMCKT-KT Full Colour Ribbon for double sided printing, 350 Prints

Entrust Sigma DS Black Premium Ribbon, 1500 images
Entrust Sigma DS Black Standard Ribbon, 1500 images - Food safe
Entrust Sigma DS Gold Metallic Ribbon, 1500 images
Entrust Sigma DS Silver Metallic Ribbon, 1500 images

Further Information

Dye sublimation print.
Print Resolution: 300 dots per inch.

Printing Speed
Up to 225 colour cards per hour (single-sided)
Up to 140 colour cards per hour (double-sided)

Card Capacity
Input Hopper - 125 cards, Output Hopper - 25 cards

Length: 44.2cm, Width: 22.6cm, Height: 22.9cm

5.49 Kg

USB and Ethernet

Optional Upgrades
WiFi, Magnetic stripe encoding, Smart encoding (ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire Ev1/Ev2, HID Prox, iClass, iClass SE, iClass Seos

3 years

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