Design & Artwork

If you’re able to set your own artwork for your cards, that’s great. You'll find the relevant Artwork Guide on each individual product page.  

If you don’t have a designer or a marketing department to set up your artwork for you, we offer a Design and Art working service for just £25.

You’ll need to send us a high-resolution file of your logo (one downloaded from your website won’t be good enough for print), plus a note of the colours (ideally as Pantone references or CMYK values) and font(s) you wish to use.

More information can be found in our Ordering Guide.

We’ll send you a card design to approve on email first. When you’re happy with that, we’ll print off an actual sample card (if your deadlines allow for it) and send it out in the post.

When you’ve approved that, we’ll print the rest of the cards. Of course if your timescales are tight, you can skip the card sample and go straight to print.

Our art working service covers your initial design and up to two amends.