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Card Bank

Our Card Bank offer allows you to buy more cards than you need right now upfront, and ‘bank’ them with us to be drawn down in the future. This is particularly useful if you know you will need to print further cards regularly, for example when new employees or members join.

Card Bank is mostly used with Membership cards, ID Cards and Loyalty cards, but we can also offer this service with other plastic cards. If you have a particular requirement, please contact us for more information.

Membership cards and Loyalty Cards – how Card Bank works

We introduced Card Bank to deal with the inevitable situations of members joining half way through the year, and to deal with lost membership cards or loyalty cards.

Card Bank gives you the ease of being able to order small quantities of cards without incurring a new print run cost.

Simply order more membership cards than you need for your initial run and we’ll keep the balance in reserve until you need them. Because these reserve cards are printed at the same time and follow consequential numbering, they don’t look any different from the initial run – they’re just not personalised.

So if you have 410 members on the roll at the moment, ordering 500 cards will give you a bank of 90 cards to call on during the year. Simply send us each members’ details as and when required and we’ll overprint them onto the cards and post them out to you. Many of our clients simply send us a spreadsheet once a month.

What are the benefits of ordering this way?

More cost effective
If you order a larger block of cards than you need straight away, you’ll benefit from a lower unit price and you won’t have to pay for any small quantities in the future.

Saves time and hassle
Having a bank of cards ready to be ‘drawn down’ whenever you need them makes the process of ordering cards simple and quick – you don’t have to go through the ordering and billing process again.

Less paperwork
There is only one purchase order and one invoice to deal with, rather than raising paperwork for every individual order.

No minimum quantity
You can order your cards in as small quantities as you like, even single cards.

Fast turnaround
As there are no purchase orders or invoices to be raised, or designs to be created, we can print your cards and dispatch them straight away.