With wedding days being described as “one of the most important days of your life”, the attitude that it won’t hurt sustainability that much for one day to make sure everything is how you imagined, may be a short-sighted view.
Managing small sustainability wins is a no-brainer for any business, especially those in hospitality – which is why we are moving our own stock to be biodegradable plastic as standard.
During our research of what types of wood we should provide; birch, beech, cherry and black walnut all passed our checks as a perfectly viable sustainable option, the outlier amongst our research – Sapele.
The Primacy 2 is developed based on the original Primacy and improved on those features to deliver a high-performance, quick printing ID card printer.
Our eco-friendly card range is well underway, with bamboo taking the crown as the most sustainable of our options - we take a look at why bamboo is the ultimate in sustainability.