Wooden Cloakroom Tags for Summer Sustainable Events

Looking for a sustainable option for your event this summer?

Our wooden cloakroom tags are available in four different types of wood or bamboo to offer the ultimate eco-friendly approach to your event.

With a focus on brands being more sustainable than ever, wooden cloakroom tags help to reduce the use of plastic without sacrificing on quality.

Available to be custom engraved, the naturally degradable wooden cloakroom tags are responsibly sourced from a certified sustainable forest to ensure your event hits its sustainable goals.

Interested in our wooden cloakroom tags? Ask us for a sample.

With turnaround times approximately four weeks from sign-off of artwork, the wooden cloakroom tags are available in; bamboo, birch, beech, cherry and black walnut.

Standard wooden cloakroom tags are 1.5mm thick but feature a range of thicknesses suitable for all types of events.

Manufactured from waste wood in order to not contribute towards deforestation, the wooden cloakroom tags are the perfect addition to your event to make a statement about your brands green credentials.

Looking for an eco-friendly option for your event? Get in touch with one of our friendly experts by email or call 01244 526009. 

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