Our Review of the Matica MC310

The Matica MC310 ID Card Printer has gone under the microscope here at TCN as we look at a direct-to-card ID printer that is said to offer a superior print quality whilst being the most flexible and reliable card printer platform in the market.

We’ve put it to our expert team to decide if the Matica MC310 can live up to the standard it has given itself – since launch in January 2020, the MC310 has set out to revolutionise the ID card printing market and we can’t wait to dig deeper and see if it is on track.

Does it live up to its claim of superior print quality and lower per-card-running costs?


The Matica MC310 ID Card Printer design is complimented by an Italian rugged, stylish appearance, with a German-build steel casing inside and is noticeably an ideal size to fit on an office desk or an event table.

✅ Slick design that suits all environments compared to other printers on the market
✅ Perfect size for an office or event desk


Matica nailed the simple setup approach for the MC310 – with an automatic ribbon setting, the ID card printer can be installed and ready-to-use within no time.

✅ User-friendly setup
✅ Perfect for first time users or seasoned printers alike


Coming with a free card design software, the Matica MC310 provides users with an all-in-one bundle that is ready to begin printing on any type of blank plastic card.

✅ Makes printing simple for first time users
✅ Saves money on card design software

Superior Print Quality?

The Matica MC310 prides itself on a superior print quality and we can’t argue against that statement – using a high-resolution TruEdge 300dpi printing feature to create a professional, durable card with clear images and text, the printed cards really do look the part.

✅ Perfectly crisp images
✅ Professional standard print

We think the Matica MC310 ID Card Printer offers the best print quality in the direct to card category - ask us for a sample card so you can see it yourself.

Print Speed

Due to its advanced print engine, the Matica MC310 really is capable of high-quality rapid printing – the MC310 prints 180 single-sided full-colour cards an hour which equals out at 20 seconds per card.

✅ 20 seconds for a single-sided full-colour card
✅ Makes card issuance simple and easy


Coming with a market leading four-year manufacturer warranty, the Matica MC310 blows the standard 2–3-year warranty of competitors out of the water offering an outstanding level of support.

✅ Extended warranty compared to competitors
✅ Guaranteed reliability and performance


This is where the Matica MC310 really makes the investment worthwhile – with a lower per-card print cost than any of its competitors, the MC310 will save you money in the long-term on running costs.

✅ Long-term investment worthwhile due to savings
✅ High-quality consumables available for much less than competitors

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Matica are spot on when they label the MC310 as the most flexible and reliable card printer platform on the market – with benefits at the point of purchase including a user-friendly setup and free design software, to aftercare with an extended warranty and superbly priced consumables.

We undoubtedly recommend the Matica MC310 for any users looking to print up to 10,000 cards per year – with a low per-card printing cost and outstanding performance, the Matica MC310 ID Card Printer fits in a wide range of sectors to produce a superb direct-to-card print.

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