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Antimicrobial ID Card Holders, DOUBLE SIDED, Pack of 100

Antimicrobial ID Card Holders, Double Sided - Contains Silver Biocide

Antimicrobial ID Card Holders, DOUBLE SIDED, Pack of 100

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Pack of 100 Antimicrobial ID card holders to help stop the spread of bacteria and cross contamination. Ideal for schools, healthcare and business settings. Available in a range of colours, in landscape or portrait, and in single or double sided.
NHS Blue

Pack of 100 Antimicrobial ID Card Holders. Recyclable. Contains Biomaster silver biocide to help stop the spread of bacteria and contamination. These double sided Card Holders hold two cards, one on each side. 

Open faced ID badge holders. Biomaster protected. Horizontal.

Made in the UK using a mix of recycled and new material. Recyclable after use.

Biomaster silver biocide disrupts bacteria from growing and producing energy and is tested to ISO 22196:2011. Uses 3 ways of stopping bacteria from growing making it more powerful and effective than regular disinfectants and other antimicrobial agents.

With clip slot and chain holes for easily attaching to a lanyard, badge reel or strap. 

Available in black and NHS blue - choose from Landscape or Portrait.

Also available as Single-Sided Antimicrobial Card Holders in a wider range of colours.

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