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KeyPAC proximity cards, KeyPAC tokens & KeyPAC shadow cards, KeyPAC Proximity cards, KeyPAC Proximity solo master card sets, PAC ISO proximity cards, Stanley tokens (various colours), magnetic strip HiCo cards, PAC smart cards.

PAC Access Cards

KeyPAC ISO Cards and PAC ISO Proximity Cards

PAC Access KeyFobs

KeyPAC Keyfob Tokens and PAC Proximity Keyfobs

PAC Stanley Tokens

PAC Stanley Tokens in a full range of colours

PAC is a leading manufacturer of access control readers and ID devices including proximity, biometric, keypad, magnetic strip, smart card and card printers. They provide solutions designed for small and large companies.

We stock the following range of PAC products:

- KeyPAC Solo ID Wallet, containing 1- KeyPAC proximity cards & 10 shadow cards
- PAC token black prox keys without clip
- KeyPAC tokens
- PAC token black prox keys with PAC logo clip
- KeyPAC ISO Proximity cards
- KeyPAC ISO Proximity cards with magnetic stripe
- KeyPACSolo master card
- PAC ISO proximity cards
- PAC ISO proximity cards with magnetic stripe
- PAC Magnetic stripe HICO cards encoded
- PAC smart card 13.56 Mifare technology
- Stanley tokens in various colours

We also stock the following multifunction products from GenTech which are compatible with PAC:

- GenTech 125KHZ ISO Proxcard
- GenTech 125KHZ ISO Clamshell Proxcard
- GenTech 125KHZ Keyfob

Not sure exactly which card or token you need for your system? We provide a card matching service. Call us or send us a photograph of an existing card/keyfob or token and we'll be happy to advise you.