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Proxcards, DuoProx , ProxKeys, ISOProx , MicroProx tags, Mifare Flexismart tags, Mifare contactless cards, iClass cards, iClass with HID Proximity, iClass keyfobs, iClass microtags, iClass clamshell smart cards & HID keyrings.

HID iClass®

HID iClass® 13.56Mhz Cards and KeyFobs

HID ProxCard®

HID ProxCard® ,DuoProx®, IsoProx® Cards and Keyfobs

HID FlexSmart® and MIFARE®

HID FlexSmart® and MIFARE® Cards

We supply a full range of HID access control cards. Not sure exactly which type you need? We offer a card matching service. Simply email us a photograph or send us one in the post and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Prox HID access control cards and HID readers
Read Range: Up to 24” (60cm) depending on local installation conditions and card reader selection. Operating Frequency: 125 kHz. Format Size: Up to 84 bits. We stock:

- HID ProxCards
- HID DuoProx card with magnetic stripe
- HID ProxKey
- HID ProxKeytags
- HID MicroProx Tags
- HID IsoProx card
- HIS key ring for Proxkey

iCLASS Products
HID’s iCLASS™ 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology can be used to store biometric templates and useful data. Powerful and cost-effective, iCLASS makes it possible for equipment and application developers to create a broad range of uses for the card. We stock:

- iClass PVC smart cards
- iClass PVC card with HID proximity
- iClass keyfobs
- iClass Micro Tags
- iClass clamshell

MIFARE Products
HID's MIFARE products are MIFARE compliant and come equipped with a wealth of features, including securely separated files for complex applications, mutual authentication, data encryption and electronic purse functions. We stock:

- HID Mifare Flexsmart tags
- HID Mifare contactless smart cards