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Access Control Cards

Secure access products from the leading access brand manufacturers including Paxton, HID, TDSi, PAC, Cotag, Kantech, ACT & Bewator. Swipe cards, key fobs, encoded key ring tags, mifare solutions, smart cards, wrist tags, tokens, time and attendance systems, cashless vending and more.


CARDLOCK cards and packs; proximity keyfobs cards; Net2 proximity cards, Net2 magnetic stripe cards, Net2 keyfobs & Net2 discs; Net2 keyfobs, Net2 ISO & Net2 clamshells; Net2Air keyfobs & keycards.


IB1 Magnetic swipe cards, IB402 Master and shadow cards, active encoded keyring tags & clamshell cards, ISO thin passive cards, proximity cards & passive key ring tags.


IB928 Cotag active cards, TDSI proximity cards, TDSI proximity keyfobs, microcards for TDSI IR readers, plain microcards, chubb compatible microcards, magstripe cards.


Proxcards, DuoProx , ProxKeys, ISOProx , MicroProx tags, Mifare Flexismart tags, Mifare contactless cards, iClass cards, iClass with HID Proximity, iClass keyfobs, iClass microtags, iClass clamshell smart cards & HID keyrings.


KeyPAC proximity cards, KeyPAC tokens & KeyPAC shadow cards, KeyPAC Proximity cards, KeyPAC Proximity solo master card sets, PAC ISO proximity cards, Stanley tokens (various colours), magnetic strip HiCo cards, PAC smart cards.


Active encoded keyring & clamshell cards, wrist tags, passive proximity cards, keyring tags & clamshell cards, active vehicle tags.


UHF handheld 4 button ImproTransmitter, keyrings, credit cards with clip slot.


Proximity cards (standard 26 Bit, PVC Prox Card ISO 30 version 4 or unprogrammed) FlexKey Keyfob CDO, Proximity Key Fob Unprogrammed (Nitro blank), PVC Prox Card:


IoProx proximity cards & key tags, Polaris HiCo Magstripe cards, Weigand cards.


ACT cards and key fobs for the ACT5prox, ACTsmart2 & ACTpro-X ranges, including ACT Prox cards, clamshells and fobs.

Introducing an electronic access control system and supplying your staff with access control cards increases security in your building and protects both your employees and property.

There are many access control systems out there, ranging from simple door entry systems to those giving remote access and different user rights.
We provide access control cards and access key fobs/tags compatible with most card systems and can customise them to the needs of your own system. We can provide cards that use basic barcode technology or magnetic stripe solutions, and we also specialise in contact and contactless smart cards which perform multiple functions across access control, cashless vending and Time and Attendance systems.

We carry cards for all major systems and manufacturers including:

- HID and HID iClass
- Paxton
- TDSi
- Bewator
- Kantech
- Impro
- Identec
- Cotag
- Indala
- Mifare & Desfire
- GenTech
- Smart cards

Not sure exactly which cards you need? We provide a card matching service. Send us a photograph or post us one of your existing cards and we’ll be happy to advise you.